APIE 2023 The 4th

Asia-Pacific International Intelligent Equipment Exposition

July 18 - July 22, 2023

Hongdao International Conference and Exhibition Center in Qingdao

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The Asia-Pacific International Intelligent Equipment Exposition ("APIE" for short), with the core of intelligent manufacturing, gathers the digital factory, industrial internet, industrial automation, robot, power transmission, intelligent logistics equipment technology, total solution of packing automation and other sectors. It is a great event that comprehensively exhibits the total solution of intelligent manufacturing facing the industry application.

At the same time, the 26th Qingdao International Machine Tool Exhibition, the 2023 20th Asia-Pacific International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition, and the 6th China-Japan-Korea Intelligent Manufacturing Conference will be held, jointly building the largest joint industrial exhibition in the Asia-Pacific Region.
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Exhibition Area Layout
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Industrial Robot

As one of the core exhibitions of the Asia-Pacific International Intelligent Equipment Expo, China (Qingdao) International Industrial Robot Exhibition comprehensively displays the new achievements, new applications and system integration solutions of robot technology and related supporting products, facing the opportunities and challenges in the era of robot industry transformation, focusing on the cutting-edge technology and industrial development trends of global intelligent robots, builds an international exchange and cooperation platform that integrates high-tech exhibitions, industry forums, and high-tech achievement transactions and economic & trade negotiations, which will contribute new wisdom and injecting new vitality to the development of the global robot industry.

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Industrial Automation

China (Qingdao) International Industrial Automation Technology and Equipment Exhibition ("IAIE" for short), as one of the core exhibitions of the Asia-Pacific International Intelligent Equipment Expo, aims to accelerate the transformation of technological manufacturing and industrial models, focuses on the development of industrial "intelligence", and mainly displays industrial automation and control technology, electrical systems, industrial robots and machine vision, industrial assembly and transmission technology, industrial IT and manufacturing informatization, micro-system technology and other intelligent manufacturing technologies and equipment, integrates new technologies, new products and new developments to empower the industry a new ecology for the development of the automation industry. IAIE covers the industry in an all-round way, builds an ideal platform for exhibition, publicity, communication and business innovation to the greatest extent, helps optimize the layout of the industrial chain, and moves towards the road of intelligent development with professionalism and comprehensiveness.

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Motor Equipment and Control Technology

As one of the brand exhibitions of APIE Asia-Pacific International Intelligent Equipment Exposition, China Qingdao International Motor Equipment and Control Technology Exhibition is committed to building the most professional and forward-looking professional exhibition of the motor industry in China. Based in Qingdao, it gives play to the central economic advantages of China, Japan and South Korea, focuses on China's new forces of intelligent manufacturing under the new global economic situation, and focuses on displaying motor control systems and equipment, motor machinery equipment, equipment batteries Battery energy storage equipment and systems, testing instruments and equipment, supporting parts, etc. The exhibition invited high-quality customers from domestic and foreign intelligent manufacturing and supporting industries to the exhibition, carried out effective economic and trade negotiations and resource docking, provided the most professional and cutting-edge solutions and strategies in the industry, promoted investment and project docking, and promoted the vigorous development of China's motor industry.

South Square / B1
New Energy Commercial Vehicle

China's commercial vehicle market has become the largest market in the world, and is rapidly integrating in the wave of intelligence, electrification, Internet, Internet of Things and sustainable development. The goal of "carbon reaching peak and carbon neutralization" has brought new challenges and opportunities to the commercial vehicle industry, and it is the general trend to vigorously develop new energy commercial vehicles. At present, the penetration rate of new energy commercial vehicles in China is only 8.2%, which still has huge room for improvement and carbon reduction benefits.

The "Fourteenth Five Year Plan" period is a critical and window period for commercial vehicles to achieve green and low-carbon transformation and accelerate the formation of a new development pattern. With the introduction of national support policies and the continuous growth of market demand, new energy commercial vehicles are rapidly promoted and applied in public transport, urban logistics, environmental sanitation, ports, yards, mining areas, short distance transportation and other specific scenarios, hybrid power, fuel cells, power replacement technology The key core technologies of commercial vehicles, such as lightweight, have been continuously broken through. Commercial vehicles and upstream and downstream enterprises have continued to increase their investment in the field of new energy. New energy commercial vehicles have ushered in a period of vigorous development.

Logistics Equipment Technology

China · Qingdao International Logistics Equipment Technology Exhibition is a special exhibition under the Asia-Pacific International Intelligent Equipment Expo. The exhibition is centered on "intelligent manufacturing, enabling logistics", focusing on promoting the development of Made in China 2025 and Industry 4.0, and integrating into the development and construction of national logistics hubs and the development strategy of intelligent logistics. Taking Qingdao as a foothold, leading China, Japan and South Korea as a port and shipping hub, gathering the wisdom and strength of all parties, and focusing on displaying the achievements of intelligent manufacturing and innovative applications, it provides comprehensive solutions for intelligent logistics for port and shipping logistics, intelligent logistics, intelligent warehousing, third-party logistics, express delivery, new e-commerce retail, processing and manufacturing, etc.

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Packaging Industry

Packaging Industry Exhibition is one of the brand exhibitions belonging to The Asia-Pacific International Intelligent Equipment Exhibition (APIE for short). The exhibition covers the whole industry chain, including intelligent packaging solutions, packaging machines, printing equipment, intelligent logistics equipment and systems, marking and labeling, testing / auxiliary equipment and accessories, materials and products, etc. It provides a professional supply and sale platform for industry insiders.

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Digital Factory

The 2023 China · Qingdao International Digital Factory Exhibition will take factory information products and technologies, intelligent production equipment and systems as the main display sections, and will present a high-quality professional exhibition for exhibitors and visitors.

This exhibition will attract high-end buyers of various manufacturing enterprises from more than 20 countries and regions at home and abroad, covering electronic information, mechanical equipment, automobile manufacturing, energy industry, hardware and mechatronics, iron and steel metallurgy, food and beverage, medical and health care, and other fields.

By participating in the exhibition, exhibitors can easily and efficiently obtain sales leads, promote new products, and establish a brand image to further enhance their market competitiveness.

2023 China · Qingdao International Digital Factory Exhibition will fully display the production, management equipment and systems of digital factories to help you seize business opportunities under the new development pattern of "dual circulation".

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Industrial Internet

As one of the core exhibitions under the Asia-Pacific International Intelligent Equipment Expo, 2023 China International Industrial Internet Exhibition brings together cutting-edge industries, builds an intelligent development platform integrating technology, products, achievements and solutions, and continuously injects innovative vitality into the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. 

Energy Storage Technology

China's new energy storage industry has entered the fast lane: diversified development of energy storage, new technologies continue to emerge. All provinces and cities across the country accelerated the implementation of energy storage projects and accelerated the layout of energy storage construction. According to the Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Development of New Energy Storage issued by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Energy Administration, by 2025, new energy storage will be transformed from the initial stage of commercialization to large-scale development, with an installed capacity of more than 30 million kilowatts; By 2030, realize the comprehensive market development of new energy storage; By 2050, the total installed capacity of energy storage will increase from 2% of the current total installed capacity of system power to 10% - 15%; There is still huge room for energy storage market demand.

In order to promote the development of new generation energy storage technology, strengthen energy storage innovation, overcome the bottleneck technology, vigorously promote the cross domain application of advanced energy storage technology in the direction of new energy grid connection, auxiliary services, user side energy storage, micro grid, smart energy, military civilian integration, new energy vehicles, distributed energy, etc., and promote the stable development of energy storage intelligent equipment manufacturing industry, the conference comprehensively demonstrated the energy storage industry technology The equipment and application will accelerate the integration of energy storage innovation chain and industrial chain with the integration and innovation of industry, university and research technology.

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July 18 - July 22, 2023