APIE 2024 The 5th

Asia-Pacific International Intelligent Equipment Exposition

July 18 - July 22, 2024

Hongdao International Conference and Exhibition Center in Qingdao

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2024 The 5th Asia-Pacific international intelligent Equipment Exposition takes intelligent manufacturing as the core, based in Qingdao and radiating to Asia-Pacific, bringing together Digital Factory, industrial Automation, Robotics, Power Transmission, Logistics Equipment, Electric Power industry and other high-quality brand exhibitors. It focuses on the upstream and downstream industrial chain of the intelligent manufacturing industry, and comprehensively builds a grand meeting of intelligent manufacturing overall solution for industrial applications.

Comprehensive display of the intelligent manufacturing industry chain
A feast of world-class smart equipment
Digital industry, intelligent manufacturing empowerment
Driving high-quality development of Made in China

Intelligent Equipment × Industrial Interconnection × Core Technology = Intelligent Manufacturing Driving Force

Intelligent Manufacturing Upgrading × Market Orientation × Supply and Demand Docking = Order Driving Force

Exhibition Area Layout
Industrial Automation Exhibition Area

The China Qingdao International Industrial Automation Technology and Equipment Exhibition (IAIE), as one of the core exhibitions under the Asia Pacific International Intelligent Equipment Expo, aims to accelerate technological manufacturing and industrial model transformation under the promotion of green and digital industry development and transformation. It focuses on the development of industrial intelligence, showcasing industrial automation technology and control technology, robots and machine vision, electrical systems, and more Intelligent manufacturing technologies and equipment such as sensing technology and connection technology, power transmission, and automated electronic production equipment are integrated with new technologies, products, and developments, empowering the development of the industrial automation industry into a new ecosystem, maximizing the construction of an ideal platform for display, promotion, and exchange of trade and innovation, and helping to optimize the layout of the industrial chain.s.

Robot Exhibition Area

As one of the core exhibitions of the Asia-Pacific International Intelligent Equipment Expo, China (Qingdao) International Industrial Robot Exhibition comprehensively displays the new achievements, new applications and system integration solutions of robot technology and related supporting products, facing the opportunities and challenges in the era of robot industry transformation, focusing on the cutting-edge technology and industrial development trends of global intelligent robots, builds an international exchange and cooperation platform that integrates high-tech exhibitions, industry forums, and high-tech achievement transactions and economic & trade negotiations, which will contribute new wisdom and injecting new vitality to the development of the global robot industry.

Logistics Equipment Exhibition Area

China · Qingdao International Logistics Equipment Technology Exhibition is a special exhibition under the Asia-Pacific International Intelligent Equipment Expo. The exhibition is centered on "intelligent manufacturing, enabling logistics", focusing on promoting the development of Made in China 2025 and Industry 4.0, and integrating into the development and construction of national logistics hubs and the development strategy of intelligent logistics. Taking Qingdao as a foothold, leading China, Japan and South Korea as a port and shipping hub, gathering the wisdom and strength of all parties, and focusing on displaying the achievements of intelligent manufacturing and innovative applications, it provides comprehensive solutions for intelligent logistics for port and shipping logistics, intelligent logistics, intelligent warehousing, third-party logistics, express delivery, new e-commerce retail, processing and manufacturing, etc.

Power Transmission Exhibition Area

As one of the core exhibitions under the Asia Pacific International Intelligent Equipment Expo, the China Qingdao International Power Transmission and Control Technology Exhibition focuses on driving the emerging development of industries. According to the user needs of market operation, it gathers various hydraulic, pneumatic, sealing and transmission related industries to create a technology oriented and application oriented exhibition. IPCE actively explores more business opportunities for exhibitors and visitors, It has now become an important sharing platform for trade and exchange in the industry.

Industrial Internet Exhibition Area

As one of the core exhibitions under the Asia-Pacific International Intelligent Equipment Expo, 2023 China International Industrial Internet Exhibition brings together cutting-edge industries, builds an intelligent development platform integrating technology, products, achievements and solutions, and continuously injects innovative vitality into the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. 

Power Supply Industry Exhibition Area

With aerospace, new energy vehicles, photovoltaic energy, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, big data, industrial Internet, industrial Internet and other industries as key strategic emerging industries will become the main driving force for future economic development. Industry related infrastructure will provide a large number of broad application scenarios for power products, which is bound to promote the increase of the market size of the power industry. The 2024 China International Intelligent Equipment and Power Industry (Qingdao) Exhibition, as one of the core exhibitions under the Asia Pacific International Intelligent Equipment Expo, is based on the steady growth trend of the global and domestic power supply markets. It integrates industry, market, enterprise, channel, user and other multi-level data and information resources to create a professional and forward-looking power supply industry chain platform that integrates production, learning, research, and application.

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